Rule #1

Rule #1
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Monday, October 26, 2009

well, well, well....

Yeah so hi, I'm Jackie and I've done the "anonymous" blogging thing for a couple of years and have decided to shut that one down and just blog as me. It will probably be the same ole psycho babble as before (for those 3-4 of you who even knew about the other blog) but toned down a bit on the specifics to protect the guilty/innocent and simply to not embarrass those who actually know me in real life ;-)

I'm gonna be rebuilding my blogroll over here and maybe adding some new ones.

What can you expect to find here in Jackieville? Probably a lot of venting, hockey talk, kid related stuff and various other things that either freak me out, scare me or push me to want to change. Who knows? It could be a potpouri of posts for all I know.

Put on your helmets, fasten your chin straps and stay outta the crease cuz Jackieville is officially up and running!

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