Rule #1

Rule #1
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Friday, April 9, 2010

I Was There To See It....

I cannot even write about this right now cuz I'll be a big ole girl about it... (yes, I am a girl thank you very much) 
If you can watch the video and not appreciate the sentiment - whether you like Modano or not - then smack yourself really hard and don't read this blog ever again.  No, I am not kidding.  :-)  

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Very Important Stars Game...

I saw Eddie's last game as a Star.  I saw Turco's first game as the official starting goalie for the Stars in 2002 on opening night.... and tonight I may see his last game as a Dallas Star.  TGC and I made signs last night (she likes the sign thing) showing Turco love cuz despite anything we have seen or heard or think we know about the last 2 seasons, Turco has been super solid in the net for Dallas since he started playing here, behind Eddie, in the 2000-2001 season.  Ten years he's been a Star.  The guy holds just about every goaltending record there is to hold for the Stars organization.  His NHL career SV% is .911 with a GAA of 2.31. 
No, he has not won a Stanley Cup and that is too bad because it is one of the few things you can say about him but it is not a measure of his talent as a goalie.  TGC and I have had the pleasure of meeting Marty a few times and he has been really nice every single time. He even took the time to talk goaltending with TGC when she was first starting out.  We left each time thinking what a great guy he was and that is not the case with every pro athlete out there.
So Stars fans, I certainly hope you join The Girl Child and I tonight at the AAC or where ever you watch the game from and give Marty some love cuz he has more than earned it cuz this may be the last time you see him in a Stars sweater. 
And of course the same could be true for Modano and Jere Lehtinen ...  I figure everyone will shower Modano with applause and the like but don't forget Marty and Jere.  They ALL deserve it. 
When next season opens, we'll welcome whatever face our team has (and I think the face will be pretty different but I could be off base) and move forward with our boys but tonight is about thanking the guys who have been with us their entire careers! 

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!

Ahhh TGC and I can say we remember him when he was a Monarch... cuz next year he will be King!  Yes, I will put money on that one! 
Puck Daddy has him as the #1 Star for Tuesday... he won against Dallas back in December too.  This season Bernie is 2-0-0 in the NHL with 1 shutout! 
Oh and did I mention that he is HOT?!  ;-)   lol, well he is... 
From Yahoo Sports, Puck Daddy:
No. 1 star: Jonathan Bernier, Los Angeles Kings

The Kings haven't had much luck lately (four straight losses) and they never win in Nashville (seven straight losses to Preds), so they rolled the dice and let Bernier make his sixth career start in a critical late-season game. The result: both losing streaks ended and Bernier registered his first career shutout in a 2-0 Los Angeles win that reduced the Kings' playoff magic number to six. Bernier (34 saves) made 15 stops in the second period alone while the game was deadlocked 0-0. Bernier, who was recalled just Monday from Manchester of the AHL, earned himself a longer stay with the Kings. "He's going to be on that plane," coach Terry Murray told

Friday, March 26, 2010

one of the coolest things ever...

Soundgarden is back together and will be touring sometime this year.  I am guessing this summer.  How freakin awesome is that?  It is one of the coolest things EVER, that is how awesome it is.  I saw Chris Cornell live and it was beyond words; however, I never got to see SG live :(   Apparently I may get my chance this year!!!  WOO HOO! 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dear Philadelphia Flyers

Score some frickin goals and get off Boosh's back.  His SV% is in the 90s since he took over for Leighton.  You arent being blown out of games.  If you could perhaps score a couple of goals instead of getting so many stupid penalties you might actually make his job a lot less difficult. 
Shut up and start scoring. 
And Flyers fans - check out this awesome blog --  

Thursday, March 18, 2010

2 things - and they ARENT hockey related!!!

1) I feel bad for the public embarrassment Sandra Bullock is having to go through for all this but really, is it that shocking that Jesse James cheated on her????  Oh wait, I'm sorry ...."showed poor judgement".   Whatever.  Isnt he known for repeated "poor judgement"???  Sucks that this is playing out for the whole world to watch and comment upon but being a celebrity has its price I guess. 
2) Tiger Woods' "sexts" released by one of his hussies.  Just read a few of them on and frankly, I need a Silkwood-esque shower.  Don't get me wrong, I'm no Buzz Killington but he skeeves me out, big time.  BIG TIME.  And he just cant pull off talking that way hahahaha  ick. 

Bruins/Pens - Revenge Fest 2010???

First, a link to Puck Daddy's blog post on this cuz, well I swear by the guy.  Ok I swear by Puck Daddy and Defending Big D.  Anyway...go here:,228777  for the backstory, trash talk, etc... 
Here's a summary:
Cooke knocked the piss outta Savard and concussed him real good. 
Bruins fans and everyone who hates the Pens and/or Sindy Crysby (lol love the Crysby thing)  are screaming for revenge..but not on Cooke, on Crosby. 
Colin Campbell is already in da house to "chat" with the Bs and do his official thing ensuring no shenanigans during the game tonight (yeah, ok..whatever) 
Recchi already expressed a "no thanks" to Campbell coming into the Bs room this evening.  (good times!! Gotta love Recchi) 
Sooooooo what will happen?  (imagine an old west stand-off type song playing here)  Will the Bs go wackadoodle on Cooke or Crosby or on everyone?  Will Crosby cry even before the puck drops?  Should be interesting....