Rule #1

Rule #1
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bruins/Pens - Revenge Fest 2010???

First, a link to Puck Daddy's blog post on this cuz, well I swear by the guy.  Ok I swear by Puck Daddy and Defending Big D.  Anyway...go here:,228777  for the backstory, trash talk, etc... 
Here's a summary:
Cooke knocked the piss outta Savard and concussed him real good. 
Bruins fans and everyone who hates the Pens and/or Sindy Crysby (lol love the Crysby thing)  are screaming for revenge..but not on Cooke, on Crosby. 
Colin Campbell is already in da house to "chat" with the Bs and do his official thing ensuring no shenanigans during the game tonight (yeah, ok..whatever) 
Recchi already expressed a "no thanks" to Campbell coming into the Bs room this evening.  (good times!! Gotta love Recchi) 
Sooooooo what will happen?  (imagine an old west stand-off type song playing here)  Will the Bs go wackadoodle on Cooke or Crosby or on everyone?  Will Crosby cry even before the puck drops?  Should be interesting....

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