Rule #1

Rule #1
Muey Importante

Thursday, March 18, 2010

2 things - and they ARENT hockey related!!!

1) I feel bad for the public embarrassment Sandra Bullock is having to go through for all this but really, is it that shocking that Jesse James cheated on her????  Oh wait, I'm sorry ...."showed poor judgement".   Whatever.  Isnt he known for repeated "poor judgement"???  Sucks that this is playing out for the whole world to watch and comment upon but being a celebrity has its price I guess. 
2) Tiger Woods' "sexts" released by one of his hussies.  Just read a few of them on and frankly, I need a Silkwood-esque shower.  Don't get me wrong, I'm no Buzz Killington but he skeeves me out, big time.  BIG TIME.  And he just cant pull off talking that way hahahaha  ick. 

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  1. I think Sandra could kick Jesse's ass if she really wanted to. And if I were her...I would REALLY want to!