Rule #1

Rule #1
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Welcome To Dallas, Kari Lehtonen....

I will admit that upon hearing the news last night that Nieuwy traded for Kari Lehtonen, "happy" was not the initial response.  However, there are a few other players Dallas has acquired over the years that I could also say that about who turned out to be my favorite players -- the biggest example is Jason Arnott, whom I still love the hell out of to this day and wish really heinous stuff on Doug Armstrong for not resigning him but I will not go there AGAIN in this post.  ;-)

After doing a little more research, I have decided that Kari Lehtonen coming to Dallas is a good thing.  I have a feeling he's here to be Turco's replacement but I have no control over that so it is what it is. 

Below is my own little pictorial on Kari Lehtonen.  I think it is pretty self explanatory. 

And Kari, welcome to Dallas!  You'll have a 11yo goalie wanting your signature on her "stars" goalie stick pretty soon at a public practice so be prepared to be evaluated by the self-proclaimed female version of Ron Hextall.  She'll appreciate your aggressiveness.  She'll really love the pic of you sitting on the net hahaha

and finally.... what's not to love about a goalie throwing signs with Lil Jon?!  WHAAAT?  OOOOKAAAY!

he's got Lil Jon on his mask you know....  yep, should be interesting.... :)


  1. How the hell did he get on top of the net??

  2. Welllll he's a big boy so he just kinda hops up there. Its a scream, I love it! TGC was placed up there for her team pic this year cuz she thought it was "beast" how he sits up on the net so she insisted that she get to do it for her team pic. LOL Goalies, gotta love 'em :) (the pic turned out really cute btw)