Rule #1

Rule #1
Muey Importante

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Better than Christmas!

What could be better than Christmas??  Hockey trade deadline day, that is what.  I love trade deadline day.  Who will get dealt?  How many 'shocker' trades will happen?  Will your favorite team/players be impacted?  It is better than Christmas!  I guess it is mainly because I am Santa at my house so there is no anticipation or surprise when it comes to Christmas, it actually produces stress more than anything else, but trade deadline is full of both and it is awesome!   


We sort of have 2 trade deadline days this season due to the Olympic break and freeze on trades come Feb 12.  Trading can then take place again between the end of the month and March 3. 


So far, some pretty big names have been moved around and it is still early.  What will come next?? 


Stay tuned…. 
Oh and Leaf fans, I'm DYING to know what you think of Burke's wheelin n dealin.  Seriously. 
Toskala - welcome to the Western Conf.  Sure you'll be a backup to Hiller but the Stars play the Ducks quite often and now next time they do, I will be very tempted to sit down near the visitor bench and check you out in person.  Rowr.  Never mind that crazed woman pressing her face against the glass... LOL j/k 

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