Rule #1

Rule #1
Muey Importante

Friday, January 22, 2010

Dear Alex Auld

I saw the game last night so I saw the "oh $hit" moment ya had that led to a Canuck goal.  I want you to forget about it.... shake it off... and move on to the next game.  It happens and it happens to EVERYONE.  Hell, you've been watching Turks all season so you know exactly what I'm sayin to ya here.  I saw the disappointment in your eyes...I felt so bad for you and it tripped my goalie mom trigger so I had the urge to make cookies and get you a Hello Kitty blankie but...I digress. 
I know you have the spotlight on you right now to get the job done for the Stars and you want to do good, I get it.  You got this.  You go out there and you do what you know how to do and laugh it off cuz its over and done.  It was a regular season game and before the Olympic break so really, shake it off and come back stronger the next game.  We still believe in you, Auldie, so don't even worry about that just go out there and kick butt! 
Ooooh and one more thing.... you focus on YOU.  I say that in case anyone happens to be acting like a big ole sour puss right now cuz he's riding the pine.  *ahem*   He did not use to be that way, I honestly do not know what has happened. 

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  1. LOL.

    I could see you hopping the Plexiglass and running across the ice with a Hello Kitty Blanket and Cookies at a Stars Game!

    You reek of AWESOME!