Rule #1

Rule #1
Muey Importante

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm officially panicking now....

It has been a while since I've read the hockey trade rumors on Spector's site ( ) and what do I stumble up on today???

DALLASNEWS.COM: Mike Heika reports Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk is frustrated over his team's poor performance of late but after meeting with his staff believes it's best to allow his current roster to play its way out of its current woes. Nieuwendyk has been considering potential trades but ultimately he doesn't believe there's currently anything out there which can help the club, which is built on its current budget and that isn't going to change. Heika also reported on Steve Ott's contract talks with the club, which he claimed are cordial as Ott wants to remain in Dallas but it's difficult to define his worth right now.

SPECTOR'S NOTE: That's not to suggest the Stars won't make any trades but currently there's little available in the market to help them. It could be at least another month before such an opportunity arises and even then that's no guarantee of improvement. As for Ott the Stars obviously want to keep him but if his asking price proves too steep they'll focus on other issues and look elsewhere. Goalie Marty Turco has been struggling and Nieuwendyk could decide in the off-season it's more important to replace him than to retain Ott.


Nieuwy, you listen to me and you listen good.  You will keep Otter.  You can have someone talk Modano into finally retiring and ship Turco off to somewhere else to run his mouth (and this actually pains me to say as I heart the Marty but he has disappointed me with his 'tude and his new-found fishy flop play -- which IS NOT WORKING!!)  but do NOT even let there be a slight implication that Ott will not be resigned by the Stars cuz dude, you do not even know pissed off.  People here love him and they'll HATE you to the tune of not resting til you are run out of town to go hide with Barry Switzer in some God forsaken place like Oklahoma if you go and do something stupid like not resign Ott.  He wants to stay.  We need him. 

Remember when that dumbass Armstrong was the GM here and we had the ever fabulous Jason Arnott?  He wanted to stay here too.  What did that assclown Armstrong do?  He did not resign Arnott so he could sign that washed up overly concussed has-been Eric Lindros.  (OMG my blood pressure just went up a good 15 pts)  Arnott went to Nashville where he's now their CAPTAIN and has torn it the F up there.  He coulda kept tearin it the F up here. 

Seriously... dont be Doug Armstrong.  Plus I'll make YOU explain to my 11yo why her Otter had to go away.  She's good and hormonal at this age.... oh and she's a GOALIE.  You really want to have to do that?  I'm thinkin no.  An 11yo goalie with PMS... Just sayin :)

That is all.


  1. I named my cat Turco, and I think Turco should be thrown to the curb. It would piss me off too to see Otter go. I will say this, the team I think has a lot of guilt for the way they treated Avery. Regardless of what they admit. It f'd them up.

  2. Help me... I am hockey ignorant.

    Can I arrange a "Hockey for Dummies" class for me? I'll provide the beers!

  3. I don't mind if they trade with ANYONE on the Lightning! Ha ha. They need all the help they can get. Maybe frontal lobotomies would help...?