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Rule #1
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ooooh Marty....

You don't like Sean Avery.  I get it, a lot of people don't.  However, considering some of the things you trashed him for last year - and quite vocally I might add... I'd say you kinda shit and fell back in it with your remarks after last night's game.  Harsh, dude....but kudos on making Avery's night a stellar one!  You know it was sweet for him to play his ass off against a team who treated him sooooooo bad but hey, interesting that he was on the ice with the two teams who are paying him right now!  And it is a contract year for someone (uhhh YOU).... just sayin. 
What has happened to you, Turks?  I expect more from you.  Stop wasting time on drama and get your head back in the game and play like we know you can or this may be your last season in Dallas.  I'd hate to see that happen but it is starting to look like a real possibility.  You just became what you claimed to hate about Sean all while he tore it up and kinda owned you last night.  Now how are you feeling about that "delinquent" comment???  

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But even more telling was Marty Turco's words about Sean Avery, which Andrew Gross had in his post-game wrap-up at Rangers Rants:

"I would have loved to have seen that delinquent do that for us last year," Turco said. "I didn't think it possible. He has a good shot and he's always worked hard. His intelligence on the ice has always been an issue and was with us when he was here."

…Woah there, Marty. While Turco was one of the Stars who couldn't wait to get rid of Avery, calling him a 'delinquent' is a bit harsh. As it is, Turco looked unsteady and unconfident in the net last night, giving up some huge rebounds, and the Rangers took full advantage of it, which is all that matters.  Maybe that played a part in his comments. Either way, it's nice to see Avery get revenge on the Stars, and Turco, in particular.

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  1. Delinquent?!? It pisses me off when people say players sucked when they were here but do better elsewhere. Do they not realize that when they are included - or treated decently they will play better than when you treat them like a piece of shit.

    Just saying.