Rule #1

Rule #1
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Monday, November 9, 2009

Ok kids…time for a hockey post.

For those of you (all 2 of you LOL) who read my old blog, you are likely surprised it has taken me this long to write a hockey post.  For those of you who may stumble upon this blog, I shall warn you now – I love hockey and I am extremely passionate (opinionated) about it.  I will try to keep the hockey talk to a minimum as I do realize that not everyone loves hockey as much as I do – I don't understand it but I realize it  (haha) 


Alrighty then… as I watched Chris Drury get concussed – again – Saturday evening by that dirtbag Glencross I got a little fed up with the state of the NHL right now …all the big hockey bloggin boys are talking about it….but you haven't read MY take on it and God knows the world deserves my take on just about everything *wink* -- especially hockey. 


First, I believe the NHL we are experiencing this season is actually the NHL of some bizarro parallel universe.  Why?  Let me point you first to the Western Conference standings:



 San Jose Sharks


 Colorado Avalanche


 Columbus Blue Jackets


 Los Angeles Kings


 Calgary Flames


 Phoenix Coyotes


 Dallas Stars


 Vancouver Canucks


 Chicago Blackhawks


 Detroit Red Wings


 Edmonton Oilers


 Nashville Predators


 Anaheim Ducks


 St Louis Blues


 Minnesota Wild


In case the list does not explain it, I will – Colorado, LA and PHX finished in the bottom of the Western Conference last year.  They are currently in spots 2, 4 and 6.  The two teams who played in the conference finals are in spots 9 and 10 – not that it doesn't make me giddy like a school girl that Detroit is sucking ass this year cuz it totally does but still, you get the point.


I won't post the entire Eastern standings because all I really have to say to prove my point in regards to the East is this:  Tampa Bay is in 7th and Boston is in 10th.   I'll just let that sink in a moment.  Go on, let it simmer.  Need more?  The Islanders are in 8th.  Oooh yeah, ok see that solidified things for ya, didn't it?  Yep, thought so. 


On to one of my favorite NHL topics – Gary Bettman.  In case you've been under a rock for the last few years, he's a lawyer who was GC for the NBA and is now the NHL commish.  The problem?  He's totally ruining hockey.  Decisions are arbitrary and discipline for "incidents" depend almost solely on if you are what ole Gar' thinks is fan favorite/revenue generating. 
Example – if you are Sindy Crosby you can basically concuss, rape, pillage and maim anyone at anytime while on the ice and nothing is going to happen.  If you are Steve Ott, Sean Avery or any other "villain" you better not even look like you are going to act naughty or it'll be an automatic 6 game suspension for you and anyone else on your line who was in the general vicinity.  Patrick Kane beat up an old man for 20cents.  Was he ever punished by the NHL?  Sean Avery made an off-color remark that was crass but he didn't beat anyone up and he lost half his season last year.  Anytime someone even falls down near Steve Ott he gets fined plus a 1-2 game suspension to boot.  Drury did not have the puck and got bashed in the noggin Saturday night by Glencross and no penalty was called.  Drury was helped off the ice and from the looks of him, I'm pretty sure he thought he was at home watching cartoons not in Calgary playing hockey after being tagged in the bean.   No penalty called.  Had Avery been near him, he woulda been called for it and they're on the same team!  I thought Torts was gonna stroke out and rightfully so.  Pity Brashear was out or he coulda had a chat with Glencross – or better yet, he coulda just steamrolled Phaneuf.  Why Phaneuf?  I don't like him and it is my blog, that is why. 


In the meantime…. GO STARS!  GO FLYERS! 


  1. Don't limit your hockey talk! I love it! I watched the Penguins/Bruins game last night and was amazed how much faster the game moves when my Lightning boys aren't there, passing the puck to the other team and making wide shots.

  2. I'm clueless, but I'm glad I found you. I hope things are going pretty well aside from NHL insanity. *offers hugs*