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Rule #1
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Monday, November 23, 2009

weekend movie review

WARNING: If you want to see 'New Moon' or '2012' and have not seen them, I'd stop reading now if I were you because I'm gonna give stuff away so if you keep reading anyway, don't be mad at me because I'm warning you now. 


I have not been to the movies in forever and this weekend I saw 2 movies!  I know, I left the house on Saturday and Sunday – clearly, the world is ending LOL

Actually we had hockey games on both days so I had to leave the house anyway but still…


Saturday TGC, a friend of mine and her 2 boys – one of which is TGC's good friend – went to see 'New Moon'.  The younger of the boys wanted to see the werewolves and the older one was bored at home and just came along for the ride.   Admittedly I was kinda along for the ride too as I am not exactly what you'd call a huge Twilight fan.  Before this movie, I had absolutely no allegiance to "team Edward" or "team Jacob" nor did I give a crap.  TGC and my friend and fellow hockey mom were firmly placed on the side of team Edward….until TGC got a look at Jacob (Taylor Lautner) sans shirt.  I look over at her and saw her mouth hanging open so I lean over to ask "still team Edward??"  LOL  She realized she he was totally hot but she was trying very hard to stay loyal to team Edward, I give her credit there.  Me, I have eyes so I made the obvious choice – Team Jacob it is!  It took TGC a little longer but by the time Jacob showed back up with the shorter hair and totally ripped bod, TGC was sold.  LOL  She likes vampires and all that but anyone with eyes can see that Jacob is smoking hot and Edward is pale, puny and simply not attractive.  Easy.  The movie itself was decent… I was pleasantly surprised.  I have not – and will not – read the books so I have no idea if it followed the book or not nor do I care.  I had to stifle laughter when Edward "sparkled"… (vampires sparkling…. REALLY??)  I find Bella to be painfully annoying but I hear Kristen Stewart plays the character very well so I won't blame her for poor acting… I'll just chalk it up to the actual character being annoying.  (putting on my helmet now so the rocks that get thrown at me just bounce off LOL)  So Bella and Jacob come really close several times to making a "love connection" but something always gets in the way… then Alice shows up when she thinks Bella is dead after doing a series of reckless, retarded things to try to keep "seeing" Edward.  Alice "sees" that Edward is gonna go see the Vampire Grand Poobahs in Italy to kill himself cuz he thinks Bella is dead, blah blah blah… Alice & Bella go to Italy… yadda yadda yadda… Bella gets there just in time (of course… hello?  New Moon is the 2nd book…there's 3 or 4 of these things so you KNOW he's not gonna die…duh) Then they all go before the Grand Poobahs and turns out the Grand Daddy Vampire or whatever the hell he is cant read Bella's thoughts either (oooh aaah) soooo in order for them all to live – or maybe it was in order for Edward to live?  Who knows – Edward has to agree to turn Bella into a vampire.  He wont…but Alice will!  For those of you who have read all the books, you know what is gonna happen later so no need for me to go there.  Yes, I know because I asked someone.  No way am I reading all those damn books.  Oh and btw Eclipse comes out 6/30/10.  The very end Edward agrees to "turn" Bella on one condition…. That she marry him.  Gag me….with a spoon even. 


My final words on this:  Decent movie even for the people who aren't big into the Twilight thing; however, I will take Vampire Diaries and/or True Blood over this ANY DAY. 


Sunday the movie of choice was '2012'.  Special effects – very cool.  Downside – the movie is THREE HOURS LONG.  The first hour or so is kinda slow and could've been scaled back a bit to where it still gave adequate setup/historical info – er "historical" info – and brought the movie back closer to the 2 hour mark and still been a good movie.  Woody Harrelson is GREAT in this movie.  The kids were all kinda fidgety the first half or so of the movie but when stuff started cracking, falling apart, etc… they all got really still & quiet really quick.  LOL  John Cusack is in this movie and I love him!!!  But I don't know that I loved him in this movie as much as I've loved him in other movies he's done.  If you like realistic, plausible movies – this one isn't for you.  If you like movies that stretch the imagination and have cool special effects, you'll enjoy it most likely if you are willing to take in the attempt at a morality lesson near the end. 


Final words – 'Day After Tomorrow' was better and shorter (yes I know the story is totally different)!  Special effects are really cool but its just too long and the attempted morality lesson misses the boat (I made a funny!) as it is still just about all elitists on board the "ships". 

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  1. I suffered through the first Twilight book, reviewing it before one of my stepkids read it. Bella in incredibly, indisputably, unbearably annoying! So yeah, if Kristin Stewart was like nails on a chalkboard, then she nailed it.